A Look At Some Of Wild Ark’s Excursion Trips

Wild Ark offers travelers, tourists and adventure seekers a chance to experience the wilderness of Africa in its most primitive and wild form. From safaris to living in the bush, Wild Ark brings you up close to nature and helps you to reconnect with our natural world.


One of the packages or trips offered by Wild Ark is the African Wilderness Trails experience. This package lasts for about six days. The theme of this excursion is that it involves hiking through African bush or wilderness. A part of the trip involves camping out in the wilderness. There will be no hotels or motel accommodations during this trip. This trip is done in conjunction with the EcoTraining group.


The African Wilderness Trails costs around $500. It is a great event for hikers, nature guides and self described explorers. The hiking locations include South Africa and Botswana. According to Wild Ark this experience aims to foster conservation, a respect and love of nature and to provide inspiration for people’s lives.


Another event that is offered through Wild Ark is the Botswana Photographic Safari. This event allows photographers to get the chance to photograph Africa’s wild animals and natural beauty from excellent vantage points. As you travel around the wilderness and protected areas of Botswana, tourists are able to take photographs that should impress and last for a lifetime.


The Botswana Photographic Safari is led by a team of photographers. It costs around $2,880 but prices may vary slightly depending on the time of day and season. This event is especially good for those wanting to photograph herds of elephants. The safari takes place in an area that is known for its abundant sunshine, so photographic opportunities should abound.


In addition to providing safari and hiking trips, Wild Ark is an organization that is committed to conservation. One of the key pillars of the organization is promoting conservation through education. The trips help raise awareness by fostering a love of these great wild areas.


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