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Bob Reina Pursues Passion and Urges Others to Do the Same

Bob Reina has proven himself to be one of the most creative CEOs of this time frame. He does not have a technology background, but he does have an innovative spirit. He started a company called Talk Fusion where people were actually able to build a much greater video conferencing and chat portals through his services. This is a company that has software that is utilized in businesses and classrooms. It is also used for personal use as well.


This innovative spirit and his determination to do so much in communication has allowed him to create a very important software platform for the business world. The fact that he does not even have a background in technology shows just how much he was determined to accomplish his dreams. He is someone that totally believes in making the best of every opportunity that you are given. He did not wait around for someone to give him a green light on what he could do with Talk Fusion. Instead Bob decided to research what he was trying to do and get the right people in place to make this happen.


Talk Fusion was not an overnight success, but it definitely bloomed quickly. People became more familiar with what he was doing, and the platform became something that broke outside of American soil. It actually became something that could be utilized in classrooms around the globe. This is how Talk Fusion became the number one video conferencing software in the world. Bob had a small dream to communicate through an email with a video file. At the time an internet provider told him that this was not a possibility. He took this dream to a new level by doing what they said could not be done. Learn more:


Reina believes that people make their own pathway. He doesn’t think that anyone should push their dreams back. There is a dreamer in everyone, and Bob Reina is urging people to pursue their dreams. He wants people to live with a purpose. He wants the dreamers to see his success and learn how to make their own.