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What differentiates a good business from a bad one? Well, despite the quality of staff or assets that a business takes up, the strategies used and the business model area great differentiating factor.

This was one of the discoveries that Brian Bonar made in the course of his many business adventures. Having started several successful enterprises among them a printer company called Bezier Systems, Dalrada Financial Services and an outsourcing company called AMS Outsourcing, he decided to venture into business consultancy.

This was going to be an expansion to his academic background given that he was an engineering major while at school. While at James Watt Technical College, Brian pursued technical engineering then furthered his studies with a mechanical engineering Master’s degree.

Brian is the current chairman and CEO of Trucept. This is a company that offers accounting and payroll services to small and medium sized companies. At Trucept he has combined his creativity and great interpersonal skills to see to it that his team serves their clients adequately.

He believes that as a leader, one has to invest lots of hours probably more that the staff that one is supervising. One also has to create comprehensive networks in business.

Brian Bonar took this position in 2011 while serving as chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial services. He still holds his position at Dalrada. At Dalrada he was able to come up with creative and innovative management strategies that led to huge growth.

He also focused on direct sales. Another company that has experienced Brian’s great skills was the Bezier Systems where he worked as CEO. This landed him an even better position at the ITEC imaging solutions expanding his skills into the Japanese and Korean markets.

Other companies that he has worked with include IBM where he worked as a procurement manager, QMS where he was a director of engineering and Rastek Corporation where he served as the vice president of sales and marketing.

After working with so many companies, Bonar has amassed a lot of experience and recognition for his business tactics. He has an over 30 years’ experience in the finance sector characterized by commitment and comprehensive leadership skills. He has been awarded several awards among them the Executive of the Year in Finance in the Who’s Who Cambridge awards.

Besides his great work ethics, Brian is generous and concerned about others in the society. He donates to various charity organizations. Additionally, he likes to promote education and thus works with schools and various organizations to not only donate money but also improve the school policies. Brian’s success has shown what commitment and persistent can do.

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