Plastic Surgery

Choosing Butt Lift Surgery In Dallas

A Brazillian butt lift may be a good fit for those who have: a) lost weight and tried firming their backside with exercise and nutrition, and b) a desire to add to their backside.

There are several places to have the procedure done Dallas, including Dr. R Meade, Dr. B Hubbard and places like Noble Plastic Surgery and North Texas Plastic Surgery to name a few.

When looking for somewhere to have your butt lift done in Dallas, a few good ways to find a surgeon are to ask your friends and family, ask another doctor you trust or check a review site.

Pay attention to reviews as they can help you pick between Doctors.

Once you’ve narrowed it down it’s a good idea to talk to the surgeons directly to get a better idea about their work. Some good things to ask would be; Are you board certified, are you a member of a group, do you have alternative procedures, and will you be the one doing the actual surgery.

There are many different types of butt lift procedures in Dallas, so make sure to go over your options with whichever Doctor you picked.

With all the options available in Dallas, costs can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on what exactly you want, and you may be able to finance your procedure.

After your surgery, you’ll want to be careful taking a bath or swimming and will want to avoid direct sunlight on your rear. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions based on your procedure.

Most patients’ are fully healed after six months, but it may take up to a year before you can fully expose your buttock tissue to direct sunlight.