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Clay Hutson: The One Who Can Do It All

When you think about music production, you may not think about someone like Clay Hutson. A man with soul and passion in what he does, Clay Hutson is known to be someone who artists love to work with.




Where some companies may encourage their artists to follow their lead entirely, he is all for individual creativity and artistry and encourages it. He doesn’t only want to churn out music for crowds to listen to. No. He wants audiences to feel the music, as well.




With a strong background in tour production, it’s no wonder that Clay Hutson has been successful in starting a company of his own. With years of experience behind him and the natural skill to lead and do what he does, he is successfully leading his production management company and making it work.




How does he make it work? Clay Hutson is no stranger to hard work and he has been known to start his day as early as 6:30 to ensure that everything works out perfectly. From checking the venues before anyone else does to ensuring that his team is on top of their responsibilities, he has a productive team by showing how it’s done.




He is not afraid to learn from experience and each time he sees that something could be done better, he makes sure it is. Clay Hutson has a natural gift for seeing the details, and it’s one that has helped him pull off many shows without issues. He knows that music is all about engaging the audience and he loves when artists put on a good show.




Clay Hutson is successful as an entrepreneur because he takes the time to plan, put the important things first (like family), and pays attention to people who do their job well. Clay Hutson didn’t always run his company.  Learn more:




He has worked hard to get where he is at. He has been known to work on amazing sets for well-known bands and musicians. For example, he was the automation operator for a OneRepublic tour in 2017, working with VER. Through the years, he has been known to do everything from monitor engineer to tour manager, and production manager, which means that he is no stranger to hard work and making things happen in the world of music.