Daniel Taub’s Run as Israeli-UK Ambassador

In the year 2011, a dapper Daniel Taub met the queen with his credentials to receive his appointment as Ambassador of the state of Israel to the Court of St James of the UK. In addition to his attire was a head garment called the kippah that Taub did not just put on to make a fashion statement.

He wore it to make it known and be a reminder that he was born and bred in Britain and also to show his pride in his Jewish religion. However, in his heart was a feeling of privilege that destiny was taking him back to his native country that his parents had immigrated from over three decades earlier, and this is where he would raise his children.

Daniel Taub had a mission to bring Israel and the United Kingdom together. After four years as Ambassador, Taub feels like he did achieve his goal and many other people can attest to that.

The 56-year-old Daniel Taub grew up in Britain but shifted to Israel in the year 1989. While in Israel, he served in the Defense Forces of the Israeli as a combat medic and later as a reserve officer before enrolling in the university. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel attended the University of Harvard and Oxford in London where he gained expertise in International Law. He became part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the year 1991 before which he worked as President Chaim Herzog of Israel’s speechwriter. While working in the Ministry, Taub held many legal, political and diplomatic posts.

He served as principal vice legal advisor of the ministry of foreign affairs, headed in several delegations by Israeli observers and was known for being a tough and excellent negotiator. The experience he gained working in the ministry paved the way for him to become an excellent ambassador. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Soon after his appointment as ambassador, Daniel Taub put his right foot forward in regards to trade links and also those of technology. He came up with the Bizcamp start-up competition in collaboration with Google. For developing business and trade, he got a nomination for the Grassroot Diplomat award.

During his time as Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Taub increased trade between the two countries massively. It is reported that during this period, bilateral trade between the two countries increased to a good 8 billion dollars, which was a big success on Taub’s side.

Daniel Taub is also a media personality, a students’ lecturer, and also a public speaker. Currently, he works as the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation (commonly known as the Rothchild Foundation) in Jerusalem.

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