David Osio- The Founder of Davos Real Estate Group

In June 22, 2016, Davos Real Estate Group went on record saying that it was going to launch a new mobile application called the “Davos CAP Calculator”. The calculator estimates the possible returns on investments in real estate that a client may be willing to explore.



Davos Real Estate Group is among the subsidiary companies of Davos Financial Group, a financial group that provides financial advice. The primary objective of Davos Financial Group is the formulation of an investment strategy aimed at meeting client needs and expectations. In the past few months, the Executive Director of the company, Gerard Gonzalez, has been collaborating with a company called Tecknolution on designing and developing a useful tool that enables investors to estimate the possible gains from an investment property after considering the expenses arising from the property.



Objectives of the Davos CAP Calculator



The application was developed using the current technology platforms and can be accessed through Android and iPhone devices. The application is just the beginning of many complementary applications that will enable consumers identify properties using their mobile devices and send historical real estate data to their agents at Davos through an interactive chat feature.



According to Gerard Gonzalez, the application is a tool that allows investors to make clear financial projections when buying property. Gonzalez further adds that customers will be able to estimate the rental price for the property best suited to their projected income.



David Osio’s Professional Background



David Osio is a renowned professional in financial services. He is Davos Financial Group’s current Chief Executive Officer. Under the leadership of Osio, Davos Financial Group was recognized as the first comprehensive financial advisory company in Venezuela. Before establishing Davos Financial Group, Osio worked at the Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International (Miami). He served as the Vice President at this firm. David Osio has also served as the director of Escritorio Jurídico MGO, a company operating in Caracas.



Osio proceeded with further studies at the New York Financial Institute. Apart from offering financial services, Osio is also known for his generosity. Mr Osio is recognized for his charitable efforts towards the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital (Venezuela) and the Wayuu Taya Foundation. Mr Osio is also an active member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

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