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George Soros; a True Professional and a Man of Wisdom

Mr. George Soros was born in the year 1930. He was born in Budapest, Hungary. In those times, most of the European countries were basically under the Nazi Germany armies.His parents named, Erzebat and Trividar Schwartz, along with Mr. Soros were forced to live in prosecution because of their Jewish backgrounds. He spent most of his childhood running here and there, looking for a secure shelter. Mr. Trividar Shwartz was a lawyer by profession. He was, however, very interested in languages. He studied and spread a made-up language known as Esperanto. This language was basically created to break the barriers between the countries.

Mr. George Soros was finally able to go to the UK in the year 1974. He got safety and shelter in England. Life was finally looking stable for George Soros who had gone through a lot of tough times. He was even able to go and get an education. He successfully graduated from the London school of economics. He did his bachelors at that Institute. Then, he did masters in Philosophy as well.He started his professional career in England. He initially joined Singer & Friedlander Merchant bank that was, as its name describes, a merchant bank. Mr. Soros made a name for himself working very hard at that bank. He had a pretty successful career in the finance field.

The life he is living now is totally different and way better than the one he had when he was young. Mr. George Soros worked day and night and now is on the list of 50 richest people across the world. In addition to all that, Mr. Soros is quite active in the political field as well. He started helping countries in the year 1980, he used his political power and helped. He built an empire for himself. He is currently running a company named, Soros Fund Management. This company has seen a lot of success through the years, thanks to George Soros. The Soros Fund Management has over 25 billion dollars in assets and capital. His own account is reported to have over 10 billion dollars.Mr. George Soros has not only made a name for himself in the field of finance, business and politics, but he has also successfully published books. His books mainly focus on financial and political topics.

This book, as its name describes, was on strategies that one needs in the financial field and the investments as well. In the year 1991, he published another book named, Underwriting Democracy. Mr. Soros shared his knowledge about democracy and his own views on world of politics.Mr. George Soros has learned a lot from the tough times he saw growing up, then in his professional career and the business world as well. Because of his tough childhood, he also has a philanthropic heart.

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