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How Is Securus Helping Us With Advocacy?

Securus helps us quite a lot with advocacy as they create phone calls to jails we need. We are attempting to check in with those who are most in need of assistance, and we need to speak to them as if we are in the jail. Securus has created a video calling system anyone may use, and we are pleased to have it in our office. This article explains how we use Securus, and it shows how they are keeping us connected.


#1: Connecting With The People


We have people in our advocacy files who need us, and we are trying to reach out to them as much as possible. We want them to know how to manage their cases, and we are trying to use the system to help offer the best information. I am pleased with seeing my clients over the video camera, and the sound is clear. Clear sound in the Securus helps me ensure everyone knows what I am talking about during our calls.


#2: The Calling App


They need to know how to cope with their circumstances, and they need to know how simple it may be to get their cases back to court. I want them to be informed as they speak to me, and they will feel as though the case has hope in it.


Securus helps people ensure they are communicating with those outside the jail. I have helped quite a few people with the Securus, and I enjoy seeing them on the video feed. It is quite a lot of fun to speak to my clients, and there are many people who need this service.


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