Ideamensch Interviews Logan Stout, The Creator Of IDLife

Highlights From Logan Stout’s Interview With Ideamensch

Ideamensch asked Logan Stout what people have impacted him and what people he recommends readers of Ideamensch check out or read up on.

Mr. Stout answered that he considers John C. Maxwell to have had an enormous impact on him. John C. Maxwell is considered to be one of the most influential leadership experts in the world. He is also a published author who has authored a NY times best selling book.

Logan Stout says that he is lucky to have John C. Maxwell as a personal friend. He has learned a lot from him, especially in terms of leadership. Mr. Stout also said that he has compiled a list of the people who have had a major impact on his life. He also has a list of books that he would suggest others try reading to improve their lives in terms of business, happiness and leadership. All of his suggestions are available at Logan’s official website, which is

Another question that was asked of Logan Stout was what is a book that he has found to be highly influential and he suggests other people read. Logan Stout answered that he considers the bible to be one of the most influential works of all time. Mr. Stout believes that the bible contains a lot of wisdom and that it shows how Jesus Christ was able to lead a group of people successfully. Logan Stout says that the bible teaches good leadership through the example of Jesus Christ and also humility. Together these two traits can help anybody in their life. Whether in business, or personal life, the bible is a work that one can learn tremendously from.


What Is IDLife?

IDLife is a health and wellness firm that was created by Logan Stout in 2014. It is incorporated in Frisco, Texas and is found at 10825 John W. Elliott Drive, Suite #100 in the city of Frisco. The firm employs about 150 people and generates $2-5 million dollars in annual profits according to Inc. Magazine.

IDLife combines nutrition and supplements with a personal profile. People take a test to determine which foods, diets and supplements can best boost their health and lead to a healthy lifestyle. The firm markets and sells supplements as well as exercise and diet regimes through independent sales agents.

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