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Jason Hope Sees $6 Trillion Going In To Internet Of Things

Dumb Devices Get A Brain

As far as what can be done with non-traditional networking technology, the sky is the limit, says Hope. Take refrigerators. Far from the Coolerators of the 1930s, modern refrigerators are already able to track inventory and alert consumers when certain food items are running low.

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Soon, refrigerators will be able to compile shopping lists. These lists will be, at the owner’s discretion, able to be sent to the grocery store, automatically placing an order. With the coming widespread adoption of self-driving cars and delivery vehicles, the grocery store will then deliver the groceries directly to the customer’s house. While many may see such a scheme as far-fetched, Jason Hope notes that, already, there are grocery stores which provide these services. But with driverless cars, Hope sees the costs of delivery going through the floor. The single largest component of delivery cost has long been the drivers themselves. This increased level of automation will make daily living easier and more leisurely than at any previous time.

The mobile market maestro has predicted that, by 2020, there will have been $6 trillion dollars invested in the new technologies broadly termed the Internet of Things. This represents one of the hottest opportunities for innovators and those looking for a field in which being first to market with a revolutionary product is still possible.

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  1. Jason Hope, the Arizona tech entrepreneur famous for his ability to spot technology trends, has made yet another bold prediction. Hope says that is just the beginning. It is sometimes necessary to get whatever they need from them and will also have this in mind when getting the attention of others too.

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