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Jeffry Schneider and Ascendant Capital, LLC

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of the Ascendant Capital LLC. The company raised funds for emerging and established alternative asset fund Sponsors having acquired a diverse range of education, marketing, operation and sales services and high innovative approach in the financial structure. The Company distributes private and public offerings across the entire globe by working with a network involving Private Banks, Broker-dealers, Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors. It has ensured that the company enjoys a wide market share globally working with 250 investment advisors, 50 broker-dealers and many several family offices. The capital obtained has been used in purchasing tech companies, auto dealerships, real estate and many more companies worldwide. Jeffry Schneider has helped in raising almost one million dollars as well as helping the company to increase its growth to more than thirty employees. Previously he worked for Smith Barney, Alex Brown and Merrill Lynch. He also has an extensive experience in alternative investment space.


Additionally, Jeffry is highly committed to helping individuals who are less fortunate hence, working very closely with charitable organizations such as Worries and wonders, Cherokee home and Gazelle Foundation.  As Founder, he manages a group of seasoned operating and financial professionals who usually structure, source and support innovative investment offering. Along with his dedicated leadership, he brings more than 24 years of experience in financial services and an extensive network of private and public pension funds, global financial services firms and family offices. Mr. Schneider’s major mission is to ensure the company trusted liaison successfully supports sponsors as well as accrediting financial intermediaries who are seeking access to other alternative investment asset classes and the sponsors to diversify risk and maximize return.


Ascendant Capital majorly plays quite a large part as far as the company success is concerned. The environment is conducive and encourages a sense of trust and open dialogue between team members. Through the transparency, they have developed an alignment of interest as well as making a fiduciary responsibility towards investors’ top priority.

The company’s team comprise of professionals with in-depth knowledge on matters to do with investment product management and construction. On the other hand, marketing department ensures clients are provided with adequate materials such as investor presentations, sales materials, quarterly reports and periodic fund updates hence the market service team can disseminate information effectively to the global audience. The company also ensures there is a well-structured sales support which assists partners with the effort of distributing products both abroad and domestically.

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