Jeremy Goldstein offers expert advice when it comes to executive pay

The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service now offers an online portal for those seeking legal support. This is a confidential service and is available 24 hours a day. We all need legal help at least once in our life, whether we are dealing with a child custody dispute or creating a will. The New York State Bar Association is now offering a quick and easy way of being connected with a strong lawyer.


The New York State Bar Association with the help of launched this program. offers referral management services to those in the legal community. This new online portal allows lawyers to offer their services to a larger number of people at a much lower rate. The new system will allow someone to fill out a confidential questionnaire, which is then analyzed by the New York State Bar Association and then matches those people up with a lawyer in their community or nearby area.


This new online portal service gives free referrals. However, if the client speaks to a lawyer who they were referred to, then they are charged a $35 fee for a 30-minute consult. However exceptions are made in specific cases depending on the legal issue, such as personal injury, military law, unemployment, medical malpractice and veterans issues. When you use this service, you have the chance of being paired up with top New York lawyer Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He deals with executive pay and compensation issues. He is also a top litigation lawyer. During his time in the legal world, he has played a key part in many major corporate buyouts in the last decade including United Technologies purchase of Goodrich, Verizon Wireless merger with ALLTEL Corporation.


Jeremy Goldstein is the current chairman of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee. He looks forward to more success as leader of Goldstein and Associates and continues to advise people on compensation issues.


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