John F. Kennedy Center Surpasses Fundraising Goal

The John F. Kennedy Center, located in Washington DC, 2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566, is a center for performing arts. They have three main theaters, including a concert hall, and they cater to a wide variety of clientele. They pride themselves in teaching only the best students, the best skills they can use to create the most appealing performing arts possible.


The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has far surpassed its initial fundraising goal. However, like most fundraising campaigns, they did not stop at their goal. They simply increased their goal by an additional $50 million to help increase the reach they can make with their cause.


The John F. Kennedy Center has far surpassed the initial target funding goal and has locked $135.9 million in for the expansion project they have planned. Now, they plan to raise enough money to develop a riverfront pavilion and a pedestrian bridge that links the Kennedy center and the new planned expansion of the center. The money raised will also help the center expand offices, increase the amount of education it can provide, expand rehearsal spaces, and even offer a dining space that will suit the needs of everyone.


The original campaign began in 2013. Their goal was initially $125 million. They planned to split the money between $100 for necessary new expansions and they were going to put the remaining $25 million toward programming incentives for those involved.


Over the course of time the design of the for the changes has changed over the course of a two year period. Federal agencies have scrutinized the design of the building so the cost has increased dramatically up to 119.5 million.



In 2013 the Carlyle Group’s Co-Founder set the stage with a massive $50 donation. Even though no on has offered as much as a donation, money has still been filtering in in large amounts over time.


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