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It isn’t a secret that we need to wash our hair to keep that bounce and shine and to keep it healthy and above all, clean. There is no getting around it. However, have you noticed how shampoos tend to leave your hair feeling heavy, hard, and stringy? Countering that harsh feeling, we add conditioner to soften the hair and help it become manageable again.

Sodium Chloride is a compound found in many popular brands of shampoos and is known to be excessively drying to both the skin and hair. Why would a shampoo add a compound that strips the hair of moisture? Alcohol comes in a variety of types, from beneficial to drying and even damaging. SD Alcohol 40 is one type of alcohol that is not wise to use on your hair, but a few popular store brands of shampoos use it. Then we add conditioners to counter the damage we do by cleaning our hair.

Thankfully, there is a new way to protect your hair, help it feel and look great, without stripping any color, moisture, or adding heavy non-beneficial oils. Cleansing conditioners have removed the need for with shampoo and a separate conditioner.

Aside from freeing up space on in your bathroom from having bottles of shampoos and conditioners for the different moods of your hair, it removes those ingredients which add chemicals and compounds on top of chemicals and compounds onto your hair. A Cleansing conditioner is more natural. It does not strip and dry, but softens and strengthens.

WEN hair care by Chaz Dean has become one of the utmost popular household names due to it’s luxurious ingredients that cleans and moisturizes without leaving your scalp dry and itchy. Bringing out the natural shine your hair has been missing from the mistreatment of store brand product, WEN also helps soothe your hair’s frizz and adds a natural lift. Confidence is number one in importance to WEN as they back their products with a guarantee that you will love it. Even more, it is for ALL hair types.

Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen by Chaz. Stylist to the stars, he made it his life’s passion to bring that Hollywood look to all people in the world and in an affordable way. His passion also led him to be the leader in Cleansing Conditioners and healthy hair products for many years.

If you love your hair, give WEN Cleansing Conditioners a try. There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain such as silky, strong, clean and healthy hair.

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  1. Neither a shampoo nor straight conditioner, Cleansing Conditioners clean your hair and moisturizes it while offering beneficial compounds to renew your hair and strengthen it from the roots down leaving it looking alive and fresh. It could also be described as a way for to uncover some techniques that are needed to solidify the approach.

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