Bradesco's CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; Taking Bradesco On The Path to Success

When there is a vacancy in an organization, the quest to fill it becomes the agenda of the day. Many applicants from the same organization will be prompted to apply for the same position. In some situations all the candidates may be qualified; however, the wisdom of the outgoing leader will be the company’s urgent need to identify his successor who can precisely fit his shoes.

Such situation was eminent at Bradesco, a leading Bank in Brazil headquartered at Osasco. The skills of seven vice presidents of the bank were spurring them to occupy the CEO position that was unfilled since the then occupant Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed in a new position as the chairman.

Background information
Brandao who was the chairman of Bradesco felt too aged to continue and consequently resigned while 91 years old which was expected but was too soon. The CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to step in and serve in two dockets until a new CEO is in place. This is what resulted in the tight succession race with all the candidates having right shots for the position. Actually, it was unpredictable who would be considered. A section of the employees believed Mauricio de Minas was best suited, others felt Josue Pancini was at an upper hand. Moreover, Alexander Gluher was another predicted leader alongside Domingos, Andre Cano, and Marcelo Noronha. However, Lazari de Octavio had to be the next president and the CEO.

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The New President
The Board of Bradesco under the guidance of Luiz Carlos Trabuco arrived at a consensus that Lazari had all it takes to robustly expand the bank. Lazari initially was the president of Banco Seguros, a position he will retain. He has acquired a vast experience that makes him a brilliant money maker, an ideal expertise that Bradesco need for its advancement. His appointment is awaiting approval by the shareholders which is expected to be a unanimous pass.

The outgoing President/ Incoming Chairman
Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s proficient leadership as the president led Bradesco into being a hot pick in 2017 on Wall Street. Bradesco’s executive council broke the profit-making record in spite of the ongoing recession in Brazil. His position as the new chairman heightens the joy of employees who now believe that Trabuco’s zeal and enthusiasm that never faint will be crucial tools to increase the credibility of Bradesco in the banking community internationality.

Luiz Trabuco’s Pension reform
Following immense knowledge of banking, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has unleashed intelligent pension reform to cut the cost of government expenditure on public utility. When in place, the reforms will reinstate the crumbling financial system.

Brazil’s economic atmosphere is picking up though not at its best hence Bradesco needed proactive leadership according to With Carlos and Lazari at the helm of leadership, the bank’s vision remains viable. The combined effort of the duo will enhance enactment of better financial policies that spur immense growth to attain the desired goal. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is, therefore, a leader, a team player and a dedicated role model who uses his knowledge to manage Banco Bradesco in the best ways he can.

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