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Make No Bones About It

Did you know that in the more recent years there has been an increased emphasis placed on regenerative medicine? Whether it’s geared towards skeletal development or injury ailments, the demand for bone generation repair is reaching an all time high. And one of the faces of this movement is none other than Dr. Cameron Clokie.

Dr. Clokie is the father of a new method of bone generation that may soon change the face of medicine. Toronto’s head of maxillofacial surgery has pioneered a technique that restarts the life of the jaw’s skeletal clock. A process that in effect guides the bones to grow as they would on a baby.

Innovation is nothing new to Dr. Clokie, who for decades, had a hand in academic dentistry. With this kind of hands-on experience, it’s not hard to surmise how he became the head of maxillofacial surgery at one of Canada’s most prestigious universities.

Dr. Clokie is also known for his progressive approach towards bone generation. His knowledge and expertise are quite apparent in his many lectures on regenerative technologies and publications that ranged from oral regeneration to university-related technology transfer.

And it’s no secret that a large portion of his work is done under the research group he created at MgGill university in 1993, that focused on evaluating and developing new regenerative technologies. Read more: Our Team – Induce Biologics

The teacher has long stated that the goal of his research is to bring forth bioplants. He see’s them as a promising replacement to bone grafts.

But academic excellence is only one facet the famed scientist’s repertoire. The talented entrepreneur also runs a clinical practice that focuses on facial reconstruction as well as bone regeneration in Ontario.

A true scientist at heart, Cameron Clokie also has decorated background in oral surgery. He can also be found lending a hand to various websites regarding tooth care in his spare time. Additionally, he’s also noted for his notable positions on the scientific advisory boards of various companies.

So as you can see, Cameron Clokie is without question a great asset to bone generation and regenerative medicine. And he’ll without a doubt continue pushing the boundaries for years to come.

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