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Manaira Shopping Mall, The Definition of Roberto Santiago’s Business Prowess.

Roberto Santiago is a successful businessman, sportsman, and a renowned trader. He started Manaira Shopping Mall at only 30 years in 1989 which has grown to be the largest mall in Paraiba. Manaira was his first breakthrough into the world of real estate development. The mall has since transformed Brazil and made it a dream place of residence for many people.



Manaira Shopping Mall stands out as a place to relax and have fun. It has a VIP room, a stadium system whose armchairs emulate a stand position, an amusement park with several machines for playing games among other great features. With over ten movie theatres with the most recent and advanced projection technology, Manaira is a destination for many people who want the best out of life. Manaira Shopping Mall has a large concert hall on the rooftop. The concert hall is designed with the latest features and can accommodate a total of fourteen thousand people. Its ground floor can host a range of activities from weddings to presentations while the second floor has got changing rooms and lounge music. Not only does the mall offer exclusive entertainment but also exhibitions that showcase culture with students from different schools flocking in to have fun and at the same time gain knowledge.



Robertos’ entrepreneurial skills are not just limited to Manaira shopping Mall; he also has another mall by the name Mangabeira in Joao Pessoa which is also the largest in the region. It is therefore difficult for you to mention successful people in business and omit the name Roberto Santiago. He is the exact definition of what it means to be a successful businessman.



Roberto Santiago has won many awards among them The Brazilian kart championship where he was the only Brazilian who managed to take the award and the state championship. Roberto is a visionary entrepreneur who is very keen on business opportunities. He saw the shining future of malls in Brazil and started Manaira Shopping Mall even before other businesspeople could think of it. Roberto can pick business ideas at a very early stage and work on them tirelessly to bear fruits that can be envied by many. He started Maniara Mall from scratch when nobody could even think of it turning to be a successful enterprise leave alone the best in the country.



Roberto’s journey to a successful entrepreneur started many years ago. His first job was at Café Santa Rosa where he began as an ordinary waiter. He then later left for a Cartonnage business before beginning this outspoken mall. He graduated from a university in Joao Pessoa with a degree in Business administration. Roberto has since grown steadily up the ladder not just as a successful entrepreneur in northeastern Brazil but Brazil as a whole.



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