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Mrs. Desiree Perez, Music Industry Executive

Highlighting Desiree Perez’s business in the music industry is mesmerized by many as being a dream come true. With excellent accomplishments under her belt, while enjoying a successful life, this young, intelligent, bright woman has come far. Like many women toady, unfortunately, at times, achieving dreams or work done may not be recognized by someone’s personal judgement. Yet in reality, it’s proven that Desiree Perez has made her mark in the music industry.Today, women’s achievements define strength, and now more than ever, women supporting each other is needed. In a world of inequality across the board, this gap of critic must be filled.

Brilliant women like Desiree Perez is not alone, for women defeating this stigma must cease. Negative critic against anyone displays a great need for unity, communication and insensitivity awareness. One cannot turn a blind eye to negativity when progress prevails.It’s historic, women have always contained a relation to music. Noted through university knowledge, Ms. Kassia, a talented, Greek composer and hymnographer contributed talents of music in 810. Ironically, in 1877, Thomas Edison, who invented the phonograph, his first song recorded was about a woman.

(Mary Had A Little Lamb) So historically, women have been the forefront of music, while men are equally wonderful music artists as well.While being a family woman, Mrs. Desiree Perez is a mega, superior, outstanding female music executive that diligently and tirelessly promotes a wonderful product for the public, and we thank you! Mrs. Perez’s credentials and association with music’s sophisticated record labels, artists and management puts her in a savvy spot on-top. Music entertainment is hard work, and today, female, music artists appreciate accolades they’ve deserved. Mrs. Perez and other female colleagues within the music industry proceed awareness towards equality, fairness, appreciation and education.