Norman Pattiz Launches a New Podcast

Norman Pattiz is known to many as the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne. Not long ago, Norman announced to his clients that he was planning to launch a new podcast. According to him, the podcast will be known as Beyond Darkness. At the moment, PodcastOne is thought to be the biggest advertiser network that is based in the United States of America.


Beyond the Darkness will be one of the newest shows that will operate under Norman’s PodcastOne umbrella. Reports say that the new podcast will be showing on Chris Jericho’s Network. Beyond the According to Norman, the new episodes of the podcast will be hosted by the famous radio host and author, known as Dave Schrader. The public will be expected to get new episodes of the podcast every Monday.



While speaking to the press, Norman explained that he has a lot of faith in Chris Jericho. This is because Chris has worked hard over the years to distinguish himself as one of the most talented people in the podcast industry. Chris made his name in the industry after he managed to start the Jericho Network Collection. After establishing the network, everyone knew that Jericho was going to be one of the influential people in the country. Chris Jericho didn’t disappoint his clients, and he has managed to deliver in all his duties. In the new podcast, Norman says that Chris Jericho has done very well, and many people will be impressed.


In a report to his fans, Chris Jericho says that he is happy that he has managed to add Beyond Darkness to his podcasts. According to him, the podcast will definitely impress people in the industry. The podcast has already been received well in the market, and it has a broad audience.


Norman Pattiz is one of the most influential people in the podcast world. He made his name in the industry after establishing PodcastOne several years ago. Since he has been in the radio syndication industry for over forty years, Norman has worked hard to change the industry positively. Norman has also founded an institution popularly known as Westwood One. As the chairman and president of the organization, Norman has made sure that it becomes one of the biggest providers of traffic programming, sports, entertainment, sports, and entertainment broadcast in the country.

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