Omar Yunes Makes Mexicano The Best Franchisee

Omar Yunes has made a lot of contribution to Sushi Itto. Now all this has paid off. This is because Omar Yunes has won the first place in the Best Franchisee of the World competition.

Omar Yunes is a franchisee of Sushi Itto. This BFW competition was held last year on December 5. It was held in Florence, Italy. He was rewarded for the contributions that he has made to the brand that he is representing.

Omar Yunes was just 21 when he became the franchisee of this Japanese food chain. Today he is the owner of 13 units of this franchise. These units are located all across in Mexico City, besides Puebla as well as Veracruz. In fact, Omar Yunes today owns 10% of the units of this Japanese brand.

He is proud of his achievement. Besides, Omar Yunes says that he is just a representative of his franchisee units. This prize actually belongs to all the 400 employees who are working in these 13 units. Hence it is a proud moment for all those employees who manage these units. Besides, this is a win for the brand too as it has allowed them to be innovative and hence become successful.

Another thing to note here is that this was the 2015 edition of BFW. It had representatives from nearly 34 countries. These included countries like Portugal, Hungary, besides Brazil, France and Italy. Even Argentina along with Mexico had representatives here. This indicates that the competition was really tough.

The parameters for choosing the best franchisee were unique, different and really tough. The franchisees were evaluated based on their effect on the network. Do note that the effect on the brand he focus here. The parameters included how much the franchisee had managed to influence the network. Next was the contributions made by the franchisee in terms of knowledge. Another aspect was the savings that were implemented. The employee motivation was also considered here. The invoice was another aspect. One of the most important aspects were the improvements that were proposed by the franchisee to the business model.

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