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Rocketship Education Makes the Dream of Success a Reality for Low-Income Students

Rocketship Education was founded on the belief that every child deserves to succeed. The team behind the Rocketship program works hard to ensure the children enrolled in their charter schools have every opportunity available to help them reach their full potential. Their unique process of success includes a focus on parent involvement. Most of the students in the Rocketship charter schools come from low-income families, which often places them at risk for finding gainful employment as adults. This program is structured in a way that allows these children to have more employment opportunities as adults.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 as a way to bridge the educational gap between students from low-income backgrounds and those who came from middle or upper class backgrounds. The team behind Rocketship Education also wanted a program that would be sustainable in the long run. Evidence of the success of the program can be found in the continuing expansion it has, which currently places it in 21 schools located in 4 different states across the U.S. The majority of charter schools with this program are located in California with their flagship school found in San Jose.

The evidence that the Rocketship program works on all levels can be seen in the positive changes made available to students in the San Jose area. As a region that continued to show a decline in the level of prosperity for children from low-income families, many students who were attendees of Rocketship Education’s first school have gone on to attend four-year colleges. Not only has the program had a positive effect on these students, it has also made an impact on their families and community members.

The Rocketship Education program is currently used in three charter schools in Nashville, Tennessee. The parents in this area played an active role in bringing these schools into Tennessee. These parents took a proactive stand in their communities in order to provide students from low-income backgrounds with the level of education needed to succeed. Students enrolled in these schools not only dream big, but also have a chance to make their dreams come true.