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Ronald Fowlkes

Nicknamed “Ronnie”, Ronald Fowlkes is the current Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries. The St. Louis, Missouri resident is in charge of the firm’s commercial and law enforcement categories. Eagle Industries is a firm that deals with all things to do with tactical gear products. The range of products offered are guaranteed of their resilience, power and are as modern as they can get. Ronald has had a vast experience in law enforcement. At once he was serving in the St. Louis County Police for three years and also worked for St. Louis Metropolitan Police for a total of ten years. Aside from working in the Police, Ronald Fowlkes has also served in the military. He was enrolled in the Marine Corps serving for four years until the year 1993 where he received two promotions during his service to his country. He also received his Marine combat training in the Marine Corps School of Infantry, got into an engineering degree that gave him more insight in the topic at hand. Ronald also doubles as a Gulf War Veteran.

Ronald Fowlkes’s day in Eagle Industries consists of communication with the firm’s customers that hail from all parts of The United States as well as product education training. He is involved with training more than one hundred and fifty sale representatives on product familiarization. This includes an in-depth analysis of all available products, how they are used. His duties further branch to product selection for the firm’s sales and development divisions having joined the firm in 2008. The firm has its operations based in Fenton, Missouri providing the public with a wide selection of chest rigs, armor carriers, belts, and slings.

Eagle Industries wide range of products have been in the market for more than three decades. Their innovation and experience have enabled the firm to be a trusted brand in the tactical market. Their quality products serve a wide audience including law enforcement professionals, shooting enthusiasts who do it as a sport as well as the military. The firm also deals in reloading gear, sport shooting accessories as well as optics. Ronald Fowlkes fits in the role he has at Eagle Industries because of his Professional background and vast training in different schools. These include The U.S. Army Parachute school, The Naval Special Warfare Foundation, The Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company among others.

He has served as a DOD contractor in Iraq under the US Army working with an organization known as JIEDDO. He is also an instructor when it comes to hostage rescues, questioning individuals as well as post-blast analysis. He served in the Human Rescue Team(HRT) as a team leader receiving a certification in instructing shoot house, tactical rifle and SWAT. He has engaged in more than 250 high-risk entries and hostage situations and conducted a personal investigation in matters such as illegal gun possession.

Ronald also writes articles and one of them was about how fights in ice hockey have reduced over the years. He goes on to state the reasons for the decrease and finally states that even though there has been a drastic decrease, fights will always be in the game.