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Squaw Valley Takes Action to Resolve Water Contamination

During October 2016, a storm had effected Squaw Valley Ski lodge’s water supply. A water system that was installed during the summer became contaminated as a result of the storm, and water supply was thus immediately cut off from the public. Fortunately, no individuals who have had access to the water during that time have been effected from the contamination. This is due to Squaw Valley’s quick response towards the issue, and that action is helping them contain the issue even further with help from local associations and experts alike.

After the water was discovered to be contaminated, the lodge wasted no time in contacting various water safety experts to receive consultation on how to deal with the matter. Not only did they receive critical answers from these experts, but the assistance from Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District played a crucial part in setting forth the momentum to resolve this ongoing issue. It has been concluded that the lodge will not re-open access to the water supply until there are no traces of contamination in the water.

Management understands that customers love the Squaw Valley ski lodge for its friendly staff, beautiful scenery and skiing services, and will allow patrons to use the facility. However, patrons are warned of the situation and that they should not consume any water on the facility until the issue has been resolved. Fortunately, management is providing free bottles of water to its patrons in the meantime as a courtesy.

At Squaw Valley Ski Lodge, customer safety is of utmost priority. Ensuring that they continue to be safe will always be the promise to its’ patrons.

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  1. All signs point to this issue being resolved soon, and patrons will be able to have full access to the facility without worry. However, patrons will still have regular access to the facility during this time. It is very cool that http://www.resumeplanets.org/ understands the real need behind all of this which is so good.

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