Sweetgreen’s Signature Moment

Sweetgreen is composed of many workers, who are under the leadership of the three co-founders Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Niemen, and Nicholas Jammet. The three friends, who started the business from scratch in 2007, have grown to where they are through many hurdles.

Determination and persistence are said to have kept them going even through the hard times, bringing Sweetgreen to its current success.

Nathaniel Ru states that authenticity is a key strategy that makes the restaurant strong. Most of the recipes are originally designed in the restaurant and not borrowed from competitors. Consequently, the customers have a unique touch of the Sweetgreen taste every time they purchase from the restaurant.

Moreover, the customers’ and community’s well-being are considered in the decision making that takes place in Sweetgreen. Thirdly Nathaniel thrives in making the long-term consideration of the effect of Sweetgreen. He posits that his decisions now must outlive him; he thinks in terms of legacy

Signature moment

Sweetgreen had its signature moment in a circumstance that other companies would have called a disaster and maybe closed up. In April 2009, the company decided to shift to a bigger place from the tavern on M- Street.

They found the required space at Duponi, which is a fashionable retail area in Washington. The company spent too much but they decided to open anyway. Sadly only the investors and their parents showed up, which was a disappointment.

In fact, Nathaniel states that no customer showed up in the first two weeks of doing business. However, Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Nicholas decided to remain optimistic by becoming musical. They purchased new speakers with which they played music outside the store every Saturday and Sunday; they connected music to food.

The emotional experience caused customers to start streaming into the restaurant. The co-founders repeated this in 2010 in Farmers Market, where they buy most of their local products and 600 people came. The event, which has been dubbed sweet life food and music festival, attracts as many as 20 000 people. The event helps Sweetgreen to be a lifestyle brand.

Other strategies

Sweetgreen also uses its app to make sales and once a customers reached a certain level of purchases, their contribution is made to schools where the company feeds kids with healthy alternatives.

Sweetgreen also seeks to promote the customers overall health as in some instances it has held yoga classes in the restaurant and also conducted cross promotions with fitness clubs and gyms. The gym instructors also send the customers to Sweetgreen as a way of ensuring the overall health of all customers is considered.

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  1. There is hardly a way to compete against the sweetgreen movement at this time because of the way they are setup. It will live with because of the importance that has seen the success of the business soar up in the recent times. It will help to stay in business with the right business strategies all the way to maintain success.

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