Talos Energy is Not a Small Company Anymore

People know about Talos Energy as the company that is the first private player to do offshore digging once Mexico opened its doors to foreign investment.

Talos Energy was started with $600 million in equity. It employs 60 professionals who are based in Houston. It has assets in the Gulf of Mexico. These are producing over 16,000 barrels of oil each day. In addition, Talos Energy has field operators who work along the Gulf Coast. In this way, the company has a total head count of 120 employees.

This year, WorkplaceDynamics has named Talos as the best place to work among the small businesses. This is due to many reasons. These include perks such as Friday happy hours, day care available on-site and so on.

But Talos Energy is not the highest paymaster. Rather, it has handed some amount of its equity to the geoscientists as well as receptionists and the other employees who are based at its office in Houston. The management has taken the risk upon itself while handing over the rewards to them. In this way, the employees have something tangible with them. Now it is up to them to do as they want in order to increase or decrease its worth.

In February, Talos Energy had acquired an oil and gas producer that was a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions. This deal was finalized for $620 million. Now it is looking for another company to buy. The company is projecting revenue between $475 million and $500 million this year. Hence the company is poised on the path to growth and will be looking at hiring more.

Talos Energy has an entrepreneurial bent. Each move here is communicated to all employees, and they know that the management is trying hard to make them more money.

The environment at Talos Energy is such that it motivates all to work harder. Everybody likes to listen to what the other has to say. Geoscientist Ben Winkelman had retired from the oil & gas business a few years back. Then he was asked to come back and drill just one more well. He is happy that he can state any idea during company meetings, no matter how tough it is. To know more about Talos Energy click here.