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Talos Energy Up for a New Well in Mexico

Talos Energy is an independent gas and oil company that was founded in 2012. The company’s expertise is producing and exploring offshore hydrocarbons in the United States and Mexico. Talos Energy is a company that was formed as a union between the Riverside Holdings and the Apollo Global Company based in the United States. The two companies united with the main purpose of purchasing assets in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast regions with an emphasis on asset exploration, optimization, and exploration of oil in those areas. The company has also worked towards being engaged in the activities associated with business development. To know more about Talos energy, click here.

The management team at Talos Energy has developed and sold two equity companies including the Gryphon Exploration and the Phoenix Exploration companies. For both companies, they have always worked to deliver significant returns to both investors. As a group working together for over three years, the management team has worked for every record of events to enhance mature fields in the region. They have also used innovative techniques to provide and develop a valuable portfolio of events of investment opportunities in a varied range of capacities.

For the first time in more than half century, a private company has developed a new off-shore well in the Mexican waters. This means that the latest drives in the industry will allow the foreign competitors to secure fast income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. A joint venture of the Houston-based Talos Energy and the London-based Premier oil began drilling oil in Mexico. This is one of the newest off-shore exploration wells that were difficult to launch by anyone in this industry.

The Zama well is currently holding more than 500 million barrels of oil according to a statement issued by Talos Energy. The company also states that they will only take less than 90 days to complete drilling on the site. The cost of drilling will also amount to more than $16 million. In 2015, Talos Energy won the right to commence drilling the Zama well.


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