Tech startups in Switzerland get a boost from Mike Baur

Switzerland is one of the countries that have developed successfully as a result of technological developments taking place in the world currently. Many sectors of the economy in Switzerland have benefited from technological developments that have been taking place. The world today is demanding for things which will enable people to carry out tasks in a faster and effective way. This has resulted in high demand for innovative ideas. People who can offer unique ideas which are effective to the user stand a higher chance of excelling in their business endeavors. Switzerland economy today is rivaling those of the big countries in the world. The country has consistently tapped the ideas which young people are coming up. Some of the ideas which originated from the young entrepreneurs not long ago are now established businesses in the country.


The good thing about startups is that they do not focus on the same line of business as the main corporations. Startups must come up with new ideas which are alternative to what people are used to. Startups have the chance to try out which idea will work best for them. They are not bound by anyone to succeed, and therefore they have a higher chance of coming up with what consumers want. Startups have a higher chance of impacting the lives of the people than the big corporations.


Startup starts by addressing small audiences. They can, therefore, offer customized services and products to the people. They also bring new ways of doing things. We are living in a time when change is inevitable. Human being love change and this change is what the startup businesses bring to the world.


In Switzerland experts in various fields have come together to promote the ideas which have a higher potential. One such expert is Mike Baur. Baur is a financial expert. He has worked for about two and a half decades in the banking sector in Switzerland. He started by working for a bank known as Union Bank of Switzerland and later moved to another called Clariden Leu in Zurich. He left the banking sector in 2008 so that he could concentrate on starting his own business which would focus on startup ideas.


Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 together with his friend from the university. Mike Baur is using this company to support young tech entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas. He is offering them space to carry out their business operations as well as finances needed to implement their ideas.