The Success of Brian Torchin

After working for many years in chiropractic medicine, he came to realize that being employed in the field of medicine in very hard since its vacancies are never advertised. Brian thought of helping his fellow medical practitioners find jobs. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

Hence, he formed the healthcare recruitment counselors (HCRC) staffing, and he is its president. The employer and the employee can now find each other with ease through the help of the work of Brian Torchin.

Over the years, medical experts can now get access to available jobs. With its head office in Philadelphia, PA, goals of this firm are to supply medical institutions with quality and exceptional medical personnel. Various media platforms have featured Brian Torchin; such platforms feature him on issues related to medicine. The digital journal recently featured Torchin’s article “torching staffing the global healthcare industry.”

According to Lulu, in Philadelphia, the name Brian Torchin is an icon when it comes to healthcare. His trailblazing staffing activities enabled him to run healthcare organizations successfully. He is well known for taking the HCRC from just a group of visionary individuals to a company encompassing more than 200 employees.

At its core, the organizations have the function of connecting prospective hospital clients to hospitals. His work spurns some countries such as Australia, Europe, Canada, and America.

Definitely, this accomplishment is one of the most appealing ideas to him and the general public. The trailblazing staffing depicts the fact that Mr. Torchin has vast expertise in healthcare. Blatantly, he is among some of the few entrepreneurs that have made it in healthcare. Such a high accolade comes as a result of a rigid work mindset in a unique blend with a strong ethical base.

In his own words, Mr. Torchin said that such a success in the field of healthcare requires one to have an astute eye for efficient business operation. Such creativity is what led to design a platform that would serve the critical function of meeting the needs of medical offices in lack of medical officers.

Following Mr. Torchin on social media avails much, one could quickly get hooked up with a job. Harnesses the platform to reach out to people in need for jobs.