Prison Communication

The Support of Loyalty

Securus Technologies is the leading producer of Information Technology within the United States. Based in Dallas, Texas, the corporation is well known throughout the security and penal districts for its ability to support not only security officers but also the inmates within the prison system. While most companies do not support these types of customers, Securus Technologies accepts them with open arms. They have been producing high-quality products for the customers for many years now, supplying them with video chat interface systems in order to solve the problem of face-to-face physical visitation. Video chat makes it easy for Securus customers to visit their loved ones in jail, being able to bypass unwanted Security checks and able to talk to their loved ones face-to-face without any sort of hassle. They are well known for their ability to focus on the Loyalty of the customers, and in the past, they have provided many benefits such as free access to their technology, readily available updates their systems, as well as support across the country. This high level of support and quality is going to continue now, but more so in the financial area. A recent merger between Securus Technologies and financial giant GovPayNet, will allow Securus Technologies to support their customers through billing rather than just technology.


GovPayNet is known throughout the internet as a reliable method for payment. Where most online shopping venues only accept one form of payment, such as certain credit card formats, GovPayNet offers multiple platforms that a customer can use to make a payment with. Example payment processes include different types of credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, check by phone, as well as other methods not listed above. This flexibility helps Securus Technologies customers, especially when it comes to pay their bills on time.


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