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Wessex Institute of Technology: A Center for Scientific Excellence

The Wessex Institute of Technology (or WIT) is an educational and research center in central south England. The center is responsible for some of the most advanced scientific innovations we have today that facilitate the sharing of information within the science community.

WIT is just 100km from Land, within the Ashurst Lodge of the New Forest National Park. The scientific center is surround by 400 square kilometers of exquisite country villages, pristine natural scenery and an avalanche of wildlife. It’s within this serene environment that many of the top scientists in the world meet to exchange ideas, birthing great research findings and publications.

Main Activities at WIT

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a center for higher degrees and offers Doctorate and Masters level programs. The center also collaborates with several other educational institutions globally to expand the number of programs offered. As a research center, WIT has produced a number of research findings on different topics like Fluid Mechanics, Damage Mechanics, Environmental Modelling, Information and Communication Technology and Industrial Research.

Thanks to WITs publishing arm, many of the scientific ideas and deductions formulated within its halls are published in books, edited articles or monographs. Additionally, Wessex Institute of Technology also boasts of a software developing unit that is the brains behind the Boundary Element Analysis System. This system was originally invented by Professor Carlos Brebbia, who also happens to be the founder of WIT in 1986. Many of the software solutions provided by WIT are employed in the mechanical, aerospace, offshore and naval, and automotive industries.

Overseas Branch

The scientific publications spread to America have their origin from this American office which also sells the boundary element technology employed in different industries.


WIT has grown to become a respectable scientific center with great milestones in computational engineering. Their computer simulations are often praised for their ability to solve some of the most complex queries in product design thus streamlining processes in the manufacturing industry.

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