Why Securus Is Rated So Highly In Prison Technology

Securus Technologies provides the technology for both the civil and criminal justice fields. This technology provides numerous solutions for including adequate safety for the public, investigations, and helps with the corrections regarding inmates. Comments regarding their monitoring systems for inmates was published. This technology allows for the prevention and solutions of crimes concerning inmates.


Numerous statements have been made in both letters of a formal nature and emails received from officials in the correctional facilities, and the prisons. Their goal is to make life safer for the inmates. The development of better products and services is key to making this happen. The staffing of these facilities say they are honored to be able to assist with this endeavor.

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A search warrant was obtained using information accrued with the technology from Securus, that lead to the arrest of a member of staff who was corrupt. The individual in question was arrested for bringing contraband into the facility. The calls that were listened to through what was believed to be a cellular device revealed illegal money transference, the illegal selling of drugs meant for prescription use and threats.


Many of the facilities for correction have been successfully using the technology being provided by Securus with excellent results. A big part of this is because Securus is know for their devotion to the improvement of safety for the public and are extremely impressed with the foresight Securus has. Even contraband in the facilities has been greatly reduced.


The phone monitoring technology Securus has developed has been unbelievably efficient and has resulted in information used to solve cases. Their software known as LBS has led to the recovery of millions of dollars in asses of an illegal nature, and drugs. This most likely would not have been the case without this software.


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